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Over 16 years of marriage, Breanne and Jesse have partnered in multiple businesses, always with an emphasis on servant-leadership. Breanne's experience in fitness and nutrition complements Jesse's background in psychology and finance to form the basis of an organization that is driven to help people find joy in their life through physical and spiritual health. From California to Tennessee, Breanne and Jesse are forming a community that's working hard to improve the lives of others, one crazy idea at a time. 

you really can.

Even if you've tried everything else and nothing has ever helped.  I'm here to promise you that there are answers and real support.  Before doTERRA I thought natural cleaners and medicine didn’t work and was a waste of time and money. I was a busy mom with two businesses and didn’t have time to research everything. Little did I know that I was so wrong. My friend introduced me to doTERRA and although I was still skeptical about them I trusted her and was willing to try. After my first head cold and seeing how quickly the oils brought relief I was all in. Couldn’t keep from sharing the power of these oils with everyone I knew and almost 8 years later we are still sharing what we love. 

i'm here to help.

After years of struggling to find my own answers.  I finally found doTERRA.  One drop of peppermint rocked my world and our lives have never been the same.  Now I spend my days sharing and teaching about these amazing gifts from the earth.  I'd love to help you find answers as well.  You'll be surprised just how much one drop can do.

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"I had alopecia areata and it was triggered by a lot of stress that I had going on at the time. I had developed a bald patch in the back of my head, about the size of a half dollar coin. I went to the doctor and was doing a steroid injection and using a topical cream, but I had talked to a coworker about the oils so I was supplementing with them. 

I used Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme and Cedarwood. I would add those oils to my shampoo or just give myself a scalp massage every night. 

At the time I was commuting two hours because my doctors used to be in Boston where I used to live. So I asked the doctor, “how often do women typically need this treatment?” and he said most women need about six to eight treatments and I was done in two.
The doctor was more impressed than me because I never had alopecia before, so I didn't know what to expect, but he had never seen anybody have such a fast response and hair regrowth. He took pictures of it, he was blown away with how effective it was."
- Kristin Kiczuk

my heart + soul.

Our house is full. With two teenage boys and a fur baby we have a packed schedule between running our business, driving to swim practice, tennis matches, drum lessons and student ministry events we seem to always be on the go. We wouldn’t have it any other way though. Charlie, Oliver and Oakley too are our reason for having a doTERRA business. Without this business Jesse would be working a full time job away from the home instead of being able to have the flexibility to home school them and be in their day to day lives. Our boys not only help us with our business but they also have their own oil routines. Even Oakley loves Copaiba, Petitgrain and gets Terrazyme with each meal (somedays are easier than other's ).  Oh and by the way: I'm obsessed with knitting and hiking. 

create something better

Because of our doTERRA business we have had financial and time freedom we have never had before. The heart of our team is to give back. Two causes that we are very passionate about is the ending of domestic minor sex trafficking (human trafficking) and spreading the hope and truth about Jesus Christ. We have chosen to partner with Street Hope TN and Tiara Coules, a missionary going to Berlin in the summer of 2021. We’d love to invite you to learn more. 

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