You might have seen us post about this in our Facebook group a while back. Menthol gives us the sensation of cold when we apply it topically on our bodies. These studies show that the sensation extends to fat cells INSIDE our bodies as well, triggering the body’s natural response to burn fuel by increasing energy production and body temperature. Researchers believe this can reduce fat accumulation over time. Menthol makes up about 40% of peppermint essential oil. Check out these quotes from the articles:

We conclude that a single L-menthol skin administration increased thermogenesis and metabolic rate in humans...Participants reported no cold, shivering, discomfort, stress or skin irritation.

we have provided evidence that a single dose of menthol is sufficiently bioavailable to induce energy expanding “brite” phenotype in differentiating adipocytes...the results showed enhanced energy expenditure markers, which indicates improved negative energy balance leading to reduction in obese phenotype.

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