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Hopefully Friday the 13th isn't keeping you up at night...but you might want to worry about whether or not your body is getting enough minerals. In particular, zinc is an element that's vital to over 300 enzymes in our body and directly effects the performance of our immune system, protein synthesis and gene expression. Our bodies can't make or store zinc on...

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Bergamot study I thought you might be interested in a fascinating study that Jesse read about Bergamot essential oil. It shows that the combination of two compounds found in Bergamot help destroy human cancer cells. This is my favorite part: “None of the tested compounds elicited cell death. However, significant cytotoxicity [canc...

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Like our friend Homer, we tend to be pretty hard on our liver. Alcohol, medication, fatty diets...all of these can damage our liver over time. Yet it's so important! Our liver functions in our digestive, circulatory and immune systems all at once. Dysfunction can lead to problems with disease, energy levels and even cognition.  The studies below give powerfu...

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Menthol You might have seen us post about this in our Facebook group a while back. Menthol gives us the sensation of cold when we apply it topically on our bodies. These studies show that the sensation extends to fat cells INSID...

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Toxins in Your Home: BPA

There is a growing movement calling on companies to remove plastics from their packaging. There are a lot of reasons for this, but one important reason is that a toxic chemical known as BPA is prevalent in many plastics, and therefore has become one of the most common toxins in our homes. We can very easily be exposed to it on a daily basis, and that has sig...

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Lavender Study

Generalized anxiety is a widespread problem in America, made worse by the fact that typical medications (benzodiazepines) are highly addictive with a host of nasty side-effects. We came across a study that shows lavender oil can be just as effective as these medications to treat anxious feelings, without side-effects. This quote from the study is amazing: “T...

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Research is showing that the curcumin and turmerones found in turmeric have profound effects on our neurological health, including dementia prevention and treatment. While curcumin is mostly found in turmeric powder, turmerones are most abundant in turmeric essential oil. The article linked below shows the ability of aromatic-turmerones to increase productio...

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