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Our mission is to build a community of people who want to improve their overall health and also want to support others to do the same. We are a community built on serving and loving others with prayer, education and essential oils.

Street Hope, TN & Garland Oaks

The Joyful Oil Community is proud to partner with Street hope - Tennessee, a grass-roots organization dedicated to eradicating child sex trafficking in the name of Christ.  Street Hope is boldly striving to bring light into the darkest parts of  our world, and bring true hope to abused children.  The Organization is currently building the first recovery home in East Tennessee, called Garland Oaks, dedicated specifically to victims of domestic minor sex trafficking.

Tiara Coulès

We have had the great pleasure of befriending and serving with Tiara Coulès.  Tiara has dedicated the last two years to leading groups of middle school girls at Two Rivers Church in Tennessee.  She is now embarking on a new adventure for the Lord in Berlin as a missionary to share the gospel. We are blessed to be a small part of her support team here in the US. 

"I love Breathe, that's my number one oil. I don't use it as much as other oils, but my kids have really bad asthma. In the past it has been so bad that they've been on inhalers and pills. It even required hospital visits, it was insane. I hated doing the breathing treatments on my little toddler because you have to sit there, and make sure it stays on their face. I was new to oils but every time I would hear a hoarse cough I would start diffusing or rolling oils on their chest and the bottom of their feet. We don't use any inhalers anymore and we haven't been to the hospital, thank God.

When my littlest was five months old, she had to have an IV and she was in the hospital for two or three days and I had to be there with her. I suggest Breathe oil anytime I hear someone say they have issues with asthma. I tell them to try it, because it doesn't hurt to try. It really has saved my family a lot of time and knowing that we aren’t putting steroids into our kids' bodies."

- Tatiana Fino
When we grow dreams, we also empower homes and families globally. 

making a difference.

We believe that true health is a product of purposeful, holistic behaviors. So many people do not know what they don’t know. Our mission is to share what we have spent years learning in a simple and easy to learn way. This is not just calorie counting and doctor visits. It's a philosophical shift to prioritize the needs of your body, from the type of foods you eat, to proper sleep, to emotional support. Every system of our body and mind are interwoven, and must be supported concurrently. We believe in foundational, science-backed health practices; and it's our ethical duty to bring this knowledge to you and help you implement it.

all in this together

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