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There are about as many ways of making money as there are people on this planet.  However only residual income creates true freedom, allowing us to care more (even while we're sleeping) than we cad trading our hours for dollars.

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Residual income used to just be a fairy tale to me... a crazy dream. But now it's a daily reality.  I love how the more people I help, the more my income grows.  By helping others to become healthier, I can also help those who want to create financial freedom to do so.  It's become work that I absolutely l adore!  So rewarding and fulfilling!  I'd love to help you, too!  Let's schedule a time to explore options.

"I'm a mom of three and I use the essential life app. While I was dabbling around, I noticed some protocols for arthritis. My dad was having a really bad thing with hand. I used Marjoram, Copaiba, Lemongrass, Turmeric and Frankincense and I made him a balm. I would massage his hand and his arthritic hand would go from really stiff to where he can move his hand without pain. I was so amazed. I have the balm in my fridge. I use regular coconut oil, not fractionated coconut oil so it gets hard. I'm so glad that I joined because, to know that he doesn't have to take anything internally is great."

-  Monique
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I know, I know... You've heard this before.  "This will solve everything!"  Maybe you've even gotten your hopes up and have had your heart broken and your hopes dashed.  However, the thing that makes doTERRA so different is that it really lives up to it's promises. doTERRA has already been a vehicle to help set thousands of people free financially all over the world.  It really can help you too.

"A few years ago, I was diagnosed with celiac disease so I can't eat anything with gluten in it. I can’t have wheat or certain flours and there's other products I can’t have. I usually take activated charcoal if I get cross contaminated or if I eat something that has gluten in it to help with my stomach. Recently I went to dinner with my niece and I didn't have my activated charcoal with me but I did have a little bottle of DigestZen. I was adding it to my water and I realized that helps so much better than the charcoal. I lose my eyebrows and my eyelashes if I use the charcoal too much so this was a lot safer."
- Laurie Adkins

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Big changes can be intimidating.  Did you know that those who have support are 90% more likely to succeed at their goals?  Get connected with our tribe to receive the support you need to make your life better.

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